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August 13, 2019 2 min read

Noi Cafe on Street 63

Noi Cafe


  1. Great location for those whom are wanting to experience a local cafe experience.

  2. Locally priced coffee


  1. Americano - $1

  2. Expresso - $1

Noi Cafe in Siem Reap outside


First one on the list is a local favorite of Noi Cafe on street 63 and is right along the river. This has been a long standing establishment, and is the original cafe that began a number of other Noi Cafes and carts in the town. An Americano or Espresso here can be had for a $1 and other drinks for about 50 cents more. The cafe itself is an outdoor cafe with fans where one can enjoy the breeze in the morning, and has local Khmer customers coming in and out all throughout the day.


Noi Cafe Facebook Page

Noi Cafe Tripadvisor

Noi Cafe Google Map

Footprint Cafe

Footprint Cafe coworking space


  1. Delicious breakfast option as well as coffee

  2. Fair trade cafe supporting the local community

  3. One of the more popular cafe in town with expats


  1. Americano - $1.75

  2. Expresso - $1.50

footprint Cafe


My next favorite place to get coffee on this list is Footprint Cafe. Footprint Cafe is a socially conscious cafe that is partnered with Cambridge University Judge School of Business. An Expresso can be had here for the price of $1.50 as well as an Americano for $1.75. This cafe is a popular location amongst the expat community here with it usually being full especially around lunch and dinner time as their food is just as popular as their coffee. Located on street 26 near Old market, right after the Hardrock Cafe.


Footprint Cafe Website

Footprint Cafe Tripadvisor

Footprint Cafe Google Maps

Footprint Cafe Facebook

Brown Cafe On Taphul Road

Brown Cafe Siem Reap


  1. Beautiful location to sit down and have coffee

  2. Similar to Western Coffee establishment


  1. Americano - $1.85

  2. Expresso - $2.20

brown cafe in siem reap


Right next to the river, Brown Cafe on Taphul Road is located in a beautiful location overlooking the river. I am particularly fond of this cafe as it has a very modern and chic architecture with a nice environment. Besides the location, the coffee itself and overall service is quite similar anything you might experience in your own country as Brown is a coffee chain that can be found all over Cambodia. This location is best if you just want a quick reliable place similar to something that can be experienced at Starbucks, Dunkin’ Donuts, or Coffee Bean in your country.


Brown Cafe Website

Brown Cafe Tripadvisor

Brown Cafe Facebook Page