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August 13, 2019 3 min read

Are you a travel nomad or do you need a quiet place to finish some work during your visit to Siem Reap? Here in this post I discuss a number of coworking spaces of Footprint Cafe, Angkor Hub, Biolab Cafe, and Garage Society available after your trip to Angkor Wat.

Footprint Cafe

people working on computers at footprint cafe

Pros -

  • Stylish decor and artistic themed property
  • Lipton Tea and Nestle coffee provided free of charge
  • Social atmosphere of a nice balance of talking/working
  • Social business that contributes to local community

Footprint Cafe People Sitting Around Desk

Description -

Located across the Old Market and behind Hard Rock in Kings Road, Footprint Cafe downstairs is a cafe and upstairs is a coworking space. Open from 7:30 AM to 6:30 PM, Monday to Saturday, the coworking space is funded and sponsored by the Judge Business school of Cambridge University. With a spacious upstairs inclusive of a balcony, one of the main pros of this location is the overall decor, which I find to be most aesthetically pleasing out of all the coworking spaces around town. Food and drinks also can be ordered downstairs or be brought in from the outside.

Links -

Footprint Cafe Website

Footprint Cafe Tripadvisor

Footprint Cafe Google Maps

Footprint Cafe Facebook

Angkor Hub

People working on computers at Angkor Hub

Pros -

  • Hotel, Meal, and coworking inclusive package available
  • Decent number of people attending, mostly those of engineering or computer background
  • Spacious property 

People working on computers at Angkor Hub

Description -

If you are focused on your work and don't want to stress about finding where to stay, where to do laundry, where to eat, or stressing about getting the right Sim card for your phone, Angkor Hub is an great option for those who are looking for an all inclusive package. Even with the option of picking you up from the airport, Angkor Hub looks to make your trip to Siem Reap a comfortable but productive time. Located on the way to BBU university behind the local cinema, Angkor Hub is comprised of mainly a community of computer related people and also has a similar vibe, which may be a pro or a con depending your profession. Overall, if you are digital nomad looking for a frictionless trip, this coworking space would be a great choice.

Link -

Angkor Hub Google Maps

Angkor Hub Facebook Page

Angkor Hub Homepage


Upstairs at Biolab Siem Reap Cafe and Coworking Space

Pros -

  • Spacious balcony
  • Community of varied background of freelancers and travel
  • Chemistry themed cafe - unique value proposition

biolab upstairs siem reap people working on desks

Description -

Near Wat Bo Bridge, this cafe has a chemistry theme, serving coffee in test tubes and measuring glasses that you would normally find in a lab, hence the Biolab name. I think this used to be more of a coworking space in the past as they seem to have rennovated and have allowed companies to privately rent out the rooms, which seems to be booked year round. There are however consistent number of new faces coming around as well as a community of daily commuters to the cafe.

Links -

Biolab Website

Biolab Google Maps

Biolab Tripadvisor

Biolab Facebook Page

Garage Society

garage society coworking space

Pros -

  • Connected to Lub d hostel which gives access to pool
  • All inclusive hotel + Coworking package available
  • 24/7 access

Garage Society Coworking Space interior

Description -

Similar to Angkor Hub, Garage Society provides an all inclusive package for digital nomads traveling for a place to serve as both a hotel and as a work space. Connected to Lub d hotel right behind a Total Gas Station in Wat Bo, the location is a 24/7 workplace, however in my opinion it is more like an office rather than a coworking space, it really doesn't have the same vibe or culture of a coworking space. One of the main perks of this place is that you do have access to the hotel amenities as a coworker such as the pool to cool off mid-day as a break.

Lub d Website

Lub d Google Maps

Lub D Tripadvisor