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August 13, 2019 1 min read

Miss eating Mexican food and are craving a taco in Siem Reap? Today in this post i will be talking about Crazy Grill by Los Tacos n the corner of street 24 in Siem Reap near Wat Bo that I recently having been eating at.

The setup of the place overall is similar to a fast food chain, as there are no table services and the overall ordering format is that of a fast food place however including complimentary corn chips and salsa as well as air conditioner for the weary travelers.

crazy grill by los tacos counter

My favorite time of the week to go to this location is on Tuesdays when they have their Taco Tuesday deal of one taco for one dollar. Their taco selection has a wide range of selection from meat, seafood, and vegetarian of which my favorites are the Carne Asada, the pulled pork, and the Baja Shrimp tacos all served on corn tortillas. The only drawback that I see of this location is the cheese, which I must say seems quite artificial and canned, however a nice dose of salsa on top does the trick. Like I said the cheese is a con, however the pros of the tacos are especially the meat, which has been slow cooked and is super tender.

Crazy grill by los tacos meat

A favorite at this location also is the Churros, which i have yet to see anywhere else in Southeast asia that you have got to try!

Carne Asada tacos from Crazy Grill By Los Tacos


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