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August 13, 2019 2 min read

Craving for some Korean food while you are visiting Siem Reap? In this post I review one of the more popular Korean restaurants in town in Dae Bak 1. Not to be mistaken for Dae Bak which I’ll be doing a review in the future that I have heard from the locals used to be together as one restaurant, Dae Bak 1 is located on Sivatha Road near the Giant Ibis Bus station in Siem Reap.

bbq korean siem reap

One of the main reasons that locals and expats alike go and keep going to this restaurant is because of the hospitality of the Korean owners there who will always take time of their day to chat or give tourists sightseeing tips.

Dae Bak One in Korean is an expression that roughly translates as ‘awesome’ and their food is just that, with the restaurant serving authentic Korean cuisine as well as a nice selection of side dishes. What’s most popular here like most of the Korean restaurants in town is their SamGyupSal, which can be had with unlimited refills for the price of $6 which I find to be a a great bargain. I however like to usually come here for lunch and need to be able to go back to work, so I usually get their Bibimbap which I find to be extremely filling for the price of just $6 with the side dishes as well. Furthermore they have air conditioner, which might be crucial for someone who has been visiting Angkor Wat all day or having walked around exploring Cambodia all day.


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