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Five Interesting Facts About Philosophers

Confucius was immensely tall; reputedly 7ft at least. Interestingly, the area of China where he was born (now Shandong province) is the home of China’s premier basketball teams.

The “Socratic method” of answering questions with questions began as arguments with himself: he would frequently be found on the streets of Athens listening to and debating with his dæmon or “inner voice”.

Rene Descartes slept 10 hours a night and preferred to work in bed.

When Plato was young, he met Socrates and was so much influenced by him that Plato quickly became a close associate of Socrates.

Aristotle had established a philosophical school known as the Lyceum in 335 B.C. The Lyceum housed a collection of manuscripts comprising one of the world’s first great libraries.

Albert Camus was obsessed with the notion that he would die at an early age. He once told a girlfriend that he “sensed evil floating in the air.” Filled with pessimism and fueled by fear, Camus was determined to complete his writings before he died.  Ironically Camus died in a car crash at the relatively young age of 46.

Friedrich Nietzsche ate almost three kilograms (6.5 lbs) of fruit during the course of a single day.