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August 13, 2019 3 min read

Trying to get a sweat in during your travels to Siem Reap? In this post, as someone who has lived in Siem Reap I will discuss my favorite options of gyms in the quaint town of Siem Reap.

Angkor Fitness

Angkor Fitness Siem Reap Gym Interior

The Pros of The Gym -

  1. Has basic western gym amenities at a reasonable price
  2. Ease of accessibility located near the center of the town
  3. Friendly staff and overall a good range of equipment

The Cons of The Gym -

  1. The equipment is placed too closely together 
  2. Does Not have essential lifting equipment for deadlifting as well as a number of other equipment you would normally see at a gym of this caliber
  3. No gym at a typically higher price point

Angkor Fitness Aerobics Room

Price -

  • One day pass - $5
  • One Month Pass - $60
  • Six Month Pass - $240 / Holiday Season $180
  • One Year Pass - $330 / Holiday Season $240

Angkor Fitness over Thai Huot Siem Reap

Description - 

If you are looking for an western styled gym, Angkor Fitness located nearWat Bo Bridge andabove the supermarket Thai Huot is one that can be easily accessed in the town. This gym offers a complimentary towel, locker, showers, and is an air-conditioned consistently.

The gym has friendly staff and trainers, with aerobic, yoga, core, and other endurances classes held daily at numerous times throughout the day. The gym also includes a sauna and steam, though truthfully most of the time the steam has been off during the year that I attended this gym. Overall the new equipment, ease of accessibility, and western amenities at $5 day pass makes this location an reasonable option

* Note that if you are here for a long term period, that your best option would to buy a half-year of yearly package during one of the Khmer holidays when they have special discounts on the gym program.

Links -

Angkor Fitness Facebook Page

Angkor Fitness Google Maps

Angkor Fitness Website

Angkor Fitness Tripadvisor

Angkor Muscle Gym

Angkor Muscle Gym sports equipment

Pros -

  1. Well Equipped
  2. Motivated cliente working out there
  3. Very cheap
  4. Great location if you are looking to lift heavy

Cons -

  1. Not the best option if you are looking to do cardio only
  2. Not air conditioned

Price - $1

Angkor Muscle Treadmills

Angkor Muscle Fitness center weights and running machines


This gym is a Khmer styled gym located near the river, not too far from the center of town *5 minute bike ride depending on where you are located. This gym is in my opinion the best equipped gym in Siem Reap if you are looking to lift heavy as this is the location where the National Cambodian Bodybuilding Association also trains. At just $1 per day, this gym is a great option if you are looking to lift weights, however if you are looking to do aerobics or cardio, another gym may be a better option as there is no aerobics room as well as an additional surcharge of $1 per 20 minutes ran on the treadmill. Also one should note that there will be a lot of shirtless men working out, which is pretty typical of a lot of the local gyms. That being said, this is a great gym for the price of one dollar if you are trying to lift heavy or a bit cash strapped.

Link -

 Angkor Muscle Gym Google Location

Angkor Muscle Gym Facebook Page

Gold Fitness

Gold Fitness Gym man working out

Pros -

  1. Well Equipped and huge gym with tons of space
  2. Jacuzzi + Pool + Western Amenities
  3. Air Conditioned

Cons -

  1. A little bit of a way from the center of Siem Reap
  2. Steep price point
Gold Fitness treadmill and cardio equipment

Price - Monthly Pass $55 / Khmer Holiday Season $40

Day pass, Monthly Pass, Yearly Pass price unknown sorry ;(

girls working out at gold fitness on bicycle machine


This gym is what I would consider what mostly closely resembles a western styled gym that comes fully equipped with tons of equipment, space, as well as a pool. This gym is well equipped, as well with crossfit focus of the gym overall. Located near National Highway Six, this gym is probably the best gym in terms of quality in my opinion, however is a little bit more expensive than the other options and is a bit difficult to get tp. This gym however is a great option for those gym junkies who really need a good workout, are looking to swim at a gym, or want the full package in terms of fitness option.

Links -

Gold Fitness Facebook Page