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After a civil war in Cambodia during modern times, Cambodian youth has been left with a void of role models with few students having the financially stability to complete high school. Partnering with schools in Siem Reap, Cambodia that sponsors children to attend school free-of-cost, we support their cafeterias that provides free meals to students whom otherwise would go hungry through our jewelry.
In Siem Reap, Cambodia Caring for Cambodia funds programs like Food for thought, which provides free meals for Khmer students whom otherwise would go hungry. This was all thanks to a lot of people from around the world uniting together and believing that these schools were worthy of their assistance and time, and we are aiming to give the same support.
45% of Cambodian students drop out of primary school.
More than 20% of students will repeat a primary school grade.
Less than 80% of Cambodian students complete primary school.
More than 20% of Cambodian female adolescents do not attend school.
Less than 80% of Cambodian students enroll in secondary school.

CFC has taken responsibility for 21 schools in the Siem Reap area since 2003. These schools are zoned, pulling their student base from a specified area. Our statistics indicate that schools involved in the CFC program increase enrollment over a five-year period by an average of 70%. Proof that by providing smaller class sizes, enthusiastic trained teachers, food, clothing, transportation, health-care and fresh water, more children in these communities will seize the opportunity to learn.

Benefits of Our Model:

With the students being well-fed for breakfast and lunch, students have more energy to be active and to participate in the classroom.

Malnutrition in Cambodia remains prevalent with almost 40% of children under 5 being chronically malnourished.

After long years of discourse, this generation of Cambodian students with grounded education are the future leaders of change & prosperity.